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Traditional Spacer CrossTraditional Spacer Cross
Genesis Traditional Spacer Cross
Sale priceFrom £1.70
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2mm Spacer T - 250 pack
Multi Height Reusable SpacersMulti Height Reusable Spacers
2mm Spacer Peg - 500 pack
0-5mm Spacer Wedge - 100pk
GLS Wedge Installation Tool
GLS Wedge Levelling Wedges - 100 pack
GLS Wedge Levelling BaseGLS Wedge Levelling Base
Genesis GLS Wedge Levelling Base
Sale priceFrom £9.71
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GLS WEDGE Levelling Kit - 100 Bases & Wedges and Tool
1-13mm Rotera Wedges - 50pk1-13mm Rotera Wedges - 50pk
GLS CAP Standard Levelling Caps - 100pk
GLS CAP Large Levelling Caps - 100pkGLS CAP Large Levelling Caps - 100pk
GLS SPIN Levelling Bases - 100pkGLS SPIN Levelling Bases - 100pk
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GLS CAP 1.5mm Levelling Bases - 200pkGLS CAP 1.5mm Levelling Bases - 200pk
GLS Spin System Anti Friction Plates - 100 Pieces
GLS CAP Levelling Kit - 100 Bases and 100 Standard CapsGLS CAP Levelling Kit - 100 Bases and 100 Standard Caps

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